Shir Ha-Paza"m (the Paza"m Song) [ Shir Ha-Paza"m ]

  • Artista: Teapacks (טיפקס)
  • Artista partecipante (featuring): Kobi Oz
  • Album: Ha-Akharon Ba-Asiron Ha-Takhton 1993 (האחרון בעשירון התחתון - The Last One In The Bottom Ten-Percentile)
  • Canzone: Shir Ha-Paza"m
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Shir Ha-Paza"m (the Paza"m Song)

You've always had it all
A little spoiled but nice
You thought you can
be a silly-teenager for ever
You were the king of the parties
You knew every hit
Yesterday you got (car)keys
today you knocked the car
And the clock is ticking*
When you entered the army
You immediately started counting the days
Closed Saturday, Open Saturday**
And everybody's got a girlfriend
and she sends parcels
You are alone, feeling terrible
chiselling lines on the walls
And the clock is ticking*
You're time has fully gone by
You don't need to have any more haircuts
You're no teenager any more
Finally in the Baku"m*** getting released
And the future is in fog
You are (standing) with a kitbag smiling
Suddenly free but becoming confused
From here where do you go?
And the clock is ticking*
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Commenti dell’autore:

* פז"מ - Pazam - acronym for פרק זמן Perek-Zman, literally meaning "period of time". This acronym is used in the Israeli army to describe the time a person is doing - usually giving credit and superiority to soldiers according to how senior they are in service terms, in some contexts regardless of their rank or age.
הפז"מ דופק - HaPazam Dofek - means the Pazam is banging/hitting... Your time is going by whatever you do.

** Closed/Open Saturday - Saturday at the base/ Saturday with leave home

*** בקו"מ - Bakum - acronym for בסיס קליטה ומיון (Bsis Klita U-Miyun - Receiving and Sorting Base). This base - The Bakum - carries a strong symbolic meaning since almost each and every soldier goes through it on his day of recruitment and his day of release.

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Shir Ha-Paza"m

תמיד היה לך הכל
קצת מפונק אבל נחמד
חשבת שאתה יכול
להיות טיפשעשרה לעד
היית מלך המסיבות
אתה היכרת כל להיט
אתמול קיבלת מפתחות
היום דפקת ת'מכונית.


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