Son of Slovenian nation (Slon in sadez)

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Son of Slovenian nation

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When in 769 Hotimir the prince died
for Carantanian real s*** begun
Tasilo III. and bavarians came
Virgil and Modest and misionary gang
Bavarians had beaten us in drinking and fight
And Virgil and Modest on state of religion
Otherwise we had lost everything in 3-year war
But at least we stayed independent inside
When in 819 the Posavian Ljudevit came
The Slovenians made a mess in Krajina Dravska
They collected Carniolans, Carantanians and others ----
He drove them into fight against Franks feudals
Franks had horses and good equipment
And ours had a hard heads and big wish
They stabbed Ljudevit - this was modern in that time
And Carantanians lost independence inside
When in 840 feud Pribin gets on administration
He feels a must to make his own country
Carantanians gave some of their ars
And this time for a change they get it from Hungarians
After 200 years Carolings selct us very smartly
On Koroška, Kranjska, Štajerska, Goriška and Istria
And before Ciril and Metod said their last amen
Only thing that left from Carantania was the Knežji kamen (stone of prince)
When in 1478 the farmers started to resist
They already all suspected it'll be like 500 years ago
But before the farmers got in front of castle's wall
The Turks made a genocite on them
That the facts of history doesn't learn us anything
Once again aproved with Matija Gubec
From previous resists not even 100 years have passed
In the middle of Zagreb they cut him in 4 pieces
When in 1550 the Katekizem was written
The Slovenians were full of optimism
If we don't have a land at least we could have a culture
Let's heal the complexes trough literature
Hey - there's not a lot of us, but we're not stupid
Said jurij Dalmatin and traslated the Bible
But before slovenian language would be a habbit
Hren made an effort and threw everything on fire
When in 1848 Majer wrote to emperor
There was a suspicion that someone will be suspended again
And all ideas about united Slovenia
Were quickly canceled
Well - there were camps and rooms for reading (they spoke Slovenian there, they couldn't speak it elsewhere)
Although not a lot bigger than an average german bedroom
And still the best job we could get
Was a stableman at fat Austrian
Aj na na naj na ni naj ...
When in 1914 Gavrilio
Shot on the emprres and her guy
The Slovenians are happy of this Bosnian mess
And the next day they threw them into ditcshes of Soča (battlefield of 1st world war)
23 years after the end of 1st one there's the begining of 2nd
Slovenians are shot in the army of old Yugoslavia
Even though they almost crash the occupation by themselves
They throw them into federation
When in 1991 we became independent
We're still made of steel after 1300 years of loosing
Hungarians and Austrians leaves us alone
And even Italians and Croatians - that's the weirdest thing
After milenium and half of loosing
There's no one left who would give us orders
Now a Slovenian can step freely
beside united Europe
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Slon in sadez

ko leta 769 umrl Hotimir je knez
za Karantance se začelo sranje je zares
uletu Tasilo je III. in drhal bavarska
Virgil in Modest pa zraven banda misijonarska


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