Greatest Luck [ Sorte Grande (Poeira) ]

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Greatest Luck

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My greatest luck
happened when you fell/came from heaven like an angel
My true passion
To live the emotion
To win your heart
In order to be happy for life
Your smile is beautiful
The brightness of your eyes too
My cherub angel
The sweetness of my kisses
The heat of my arms
Jasmine scent
You came around in my area
Dominanting all around
with a love which is not a joke (=imponent/which frightens)
Then you tied me up
You danced in the time of the music
With pleasure you made dust to fluff
Levantou poeira!
Levantou poeira!
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Sorte Grande (Poeira)

A minha sorte grande,
Foi você cair do céu,
Minha paixão verdadeira.
Viver a emoção,
Ganhar teu coração,
Pra ser feliz a vida inteira...


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