But what can I do about it (A sta imam ja od tog)

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But what can I do about it

From my lips you have never heard a lie
In my eyes you have never seen evil
No matter if I was falling or flying
I've always been with you
Where do memories float, I will never know
wherever I turn, you're always there
sometimes I'm scared of waking up
and you won't be here
But what can I do about it, when God didn't let me
meet you sooner, so I could tell you how I feel (X2)
All my victories and golden medals
mean nothing to me when I'm without you
Everything is different
When you're beside me
From my lips you will never hear a lie
In my eyes you'll never see evil
and whatever will happen to me,
let it happen with you.
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A sta imam ja od tog

Sa mojih usana ti nikad nisi čula laž
u mojim očima nisi vidjela zlo
i kad sam padao, i kad sam letio
bio sam sa tobom
Kud plove uspomene nikad neću saznati
gdje god se okrenem svud se nalaziš ti
nekad me bude strah da se probudim


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