Know That You Can Go Now (Tea et minna nüüd võid)

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Know That You Can Go Now

You're standing in front of me again
Still expecting me to forgive you
But you don't know that you hope in vain
Now this is all
Should I feel guilty, dear?
Know that you can go now
You're still trying to plead with me with teary eyes
Now everything's finished
I don't want to listen to you anymore
After you left with the other one
Then your hope broke like glass
What then, now it's a shame
You can go now
Should I feel guilty, dear?
Postato da Ospite Mar, 15/05/2012 - 17:25

Tea et minna nüüd võid

Taas sa seisad mu ees
Loodad, et ma sul andestan veel
Kuid sa ei tea, et asjatu püüd
Nüüd on kõik see
Kas tundma pean ma süüd, kallis?
Tea et minna nüüd võid,


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