Listen to sea [ Tīng Hǎi (听海) ]

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Listen to sea

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Write to me and tell me, what the color of today's sea is
The sea along with you every night, how is its mood
Grey means you don't want to tell, blue means gloomy
but drifting you, your wild heart, where do they anchor
Write to me and tell me, what you would like to dream tonight
Did I, both in the dream and out of the dream, make you in a quandary
I took my heart, not able to sleep all night
But why didn't you come close, for you felt the love
Listen to the sea crying, lamenting someone's hurt heart, not even aware of that
It would not be me, at least I am so serene
However the tears, tears don't even believe
Listen to the sea crying, how sentimental this sea is, crying till dawn
Write to me and tell me, as the last promise,
Tell me how was your feeling when you left me
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I tried my best T.T


Tīng Hǎi (听海)



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Original lyrics were edited. Could you please check your translation?