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SevdalizaHear My Pain HealInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Saara AaltoDominoInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Saara AaltoMonstersInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Saara AaltoQueensInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
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French MontanaFamousInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
BellaLunaMomentsInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
5 Seconds of SummerHeartbreak GirlInglese → Russololcl1ff
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Michael SchulteYou Let Me Walk AloneInglese → RussoA.S.M
ringraziato 4 volte
MuseStarlightInglese → RussoCheesorable
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uncle luciusA Million WaysInglese → Russolerushonok
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KasabianMan Of Simple Pleasures Inglese → Russolerushonok
IconcrashLoveghostInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
Eskimo CallboyBack In The BizzInglese → RussoZe_Om777
IconcrashFiery SerpentsInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashSleeperInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashNever EverInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashEverlastingInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashStrange, Strange Dark StarInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashEye Of The StormInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashMissionInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
5 Seconds of SummerWherever you areInglese → Russololcl1ff
Keaton HensonYou Don't Know How Lucky You AreInglese → Russoyourspeachy
Peggy LeeHeartInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
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Peggy LeeFantásticoInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 1 volta
5 Seconds of SummerWant You BackInglese → Russololcl1ff
ringraziato 2 volte
Lera LynnDriveInglese → RussoЭквиритмистика - переводы песен
RuelleMadnessInglese → Russodima1024
Rob DouganNothing at allInglese → Russoanna.baranova.7545
Peggy LeeJohnny GuitarInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 1 volta
Irving BerlinA Pretty Girl Is Like A MelodyInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
Irving BerlinGod Bless AmericaInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
Epik HighSpoilerInglese → RussoKSnake
Chet BakerAlmost BlueInglese → Russo김다연
IconcrashWe Are The NightInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
John LennonWoman Is The Nigger Of The WorldInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 1 volta
IconcrashSixty SecondsInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
You Me at SixHeavy soulInglese → RussoFerty Ferty
Modesta PasticheMonotonyInglese → RussoЭквиритмистика - переводы песен
John LennonMotherInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 1 volta
John LennonWorking Class HeroInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 2 volte
John LennonI Don't Wanna Be A SoldierInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 2 volte
Imagine DragonsNext to MeInglese → RussoЛина Огневицкая
ringraziato 3 volte
Helion PrimeRemnants of StarsInglese → RussoZe_Om777
Hentai CorporationThe RiverInglese → RussoZe_Om777
Manuel Riva & EneliClose the dealInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Paloma FaithTill I'm DoneInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
ringraziato 2 volte
LAUDWaitingInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
ringraziato 1 volta
The RasmusStill StandingInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
Sabrina ClaudioCross Your MindInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Damian MarleyRoad to ZionInglese → Russoio _
Damian MarleyWelcome To JamrockInglese → Russoio _
SinheresyDominoInglese → RussoZe_Om777
SentencedNo one thereInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
Sturm und DrangLuckyInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashHunters and LoversInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
John LennonYou Are HereInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
XXXTENTACIONEverybody Dies In Their NightmaresInglese → RussoAkot
ringraziato 2 volte
JessiLove Me When I’m GoneInglese → RussoАлена Тюрютикова
ZZ TopBad to the BoneInglese → RussoЭквиритмистика - переводы песен
OrkristNocturnal RiteInglese → RussoZe_Om777
Imagine DragonsRadioactiveInglese → RussoРуслан Алиев
Gogol BordelloPala TuteInglese → Russosaddko
Led ZeppelinStairway to HeavenInglese → Russosaddko
Gogol BordelloSun Is On My SideInglese → Russosaddko
George ThorogoodBad to the BoneInglese → RussoЭквиритмистика - переводы песен
MS MRCruelInglese → RussoPROPS
Dusty SpringfieldYesterday When I was YoungInglese → RussoVlad G.
IconcrashFaithInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
Adam FrenchLike Everybody DoesInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
Catch Me If You Can (Musical)Live in Living ColorInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
IconcrashChains Around My Heart (Again)Inglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashSwanlikeInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
IconcrashThe LoversInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
Oliver (Vocaloid)Secrets of WysteriaInglese → RussoРуслан Алиев
FrancesWhen it comes to usInglese → RussoPROPS
John LennonLook At MeInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
The Greatest Showman (OST)From Now OnInglese → RussoCasey McAlister
ringraziato 1 volta
Ghostly KissesEmpty NoteInglese → RussoPROPS
Charles BukowskiFor JaneInglese → RussoPROPS
IconcrashOceanInglese → RussoSuømen Tuuli
John Lennon#9 DreamInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
John LennonCleanup TimeInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
John LennonMy Mummy's DeadInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
Dead Animal Assembly PlantRise With MeInglese → RussoKriegerin der Finsternis
Green DayBack in the USAInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
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Chris CrockerSecond to NoneInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
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Alex MetricIt startInglese → RussoFerty Ferty
Horrible HistoriesBoudiccaInglese → RussoAkot
BorgoreNew Gore OrderInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
ringraziato 1 volta
Grace VanderWaalClayInglese → RussoThe_wanderer1
John LennonOh Yoko!Inglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
Ionel IstratiFacing The WallInglese → RussoAjanita
ringraziato 3 volte
John LennonWomanInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 1 volta
John LennonBless YouInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 1 volta
DidrickReady To FlyInglese → RussoAjanita
ringraziato 2 volte
John LennonAngelaInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 2 volte
Chris ReaLast TrainInglese → Russodmytro.bryushkov
John LennonIsolationInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 1 volta
John LennonOh My LoveInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
ringraziato 1 volta
John LennonGodInglese → RussoАлександр Мухитдинов
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