You could well (Tu peux bien)

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You could well

You could well get lost
And could, tomorrow,
Without a word, disappear, I know well
That you could get us lost,
You who don't want
Anyone stopping on your path, but you see
I dream of losing myself
If I can lose myself with you, with you
And I run to meet that loss
If that's all you have for me
You could well do everything
To split us up
In loving you, the more I lose the more you gain
Maybe I want something I don't have
Maybe I'll let you go one day
Or, letting it all slip away
I'd know how to leave you far behind
And for fear of losing
You'd believe you want me after all
Postato da madmouth Dom, 07/08/2011 - 23:32
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Suggestions welcome; I think I've gotten across the pitch and mood of the song, but I may have slipped on a few stairs.

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Tu peux bien

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hibiku_     agosto 1st, 2012

maybe the first line can go: "you could as well as get lost" ? although I think it's not correct :/

hibiku_     agosto 1st, 2012

*you might as well get lost?

michealt     settembre 2nd, 2016

In the last 5 lines, lasserais and saurais are misspellings of lasserai and saurai; you've correctly translated lasserai, but got the tense wrong with saurais and then got the same wrong tense for croiras in the last line, as if it were croirais - "I'd know" should be "I'll know", you'd believe" should be "yo'll believe".
"ce jour la
où" means "that day when" or "the day when" - "où" isn't "ou".
"lassée de tout perdre" means "fed up with losing everything" (lasser and laisser ar two different verbs, no connection between them in meaning)