An obvious fact (Un fatto ovvio)

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An obvious fact

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It is worthless for now
you to persist in saying no
denying an obvious fact

You need me
in the same way that
I also need you

Leave it now be this way
Take the dream that is now here
and become to believe
and do not ever go away because

Until the moment that you stay
you'll be the best of my evils, you will be, ...
to these greedy years,...
the gold in the hands, and I'll be...
the same for you al well

And it would be enough to admit that...
all which stands here, anyhow...
is the clearest proof

That an infertile past
does not grant reply
neither to the future, nor to the present

So, now
Do not ever go back
Do not sacrifice us
you know

sarai tu il migliore dei miei mali, dei miei mali, tu sarai
l'oro nelle mani e sarò
lo stesso anch'io

To my insane days,...
... the cure in the hands,...
you will be
And I will be the same for you

ti ostini a dire no

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Un fatto ovvio

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