A bit of wisdom (Zrno Mudrosti)

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A bit of wisdom

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You aren't with me cause I'm pretty
let me believe in it
If something on my face
on hundred view liked
I'll pay only cry
that tonight I believe
that this land walks one
who would cry for me
Gray head but ain't no wisdom
wait it see who's gona inform me
that this time is getting over me
gray head but ain't no wisdom
I can still hold you in my arms
and love you like no one before
but half a century I'm far from you
I'm not with you cause I'm alone
neither the years are threatening me
I only finish there
where my heart leads me.
I'll pay just cry
that tonight I believe
that this land walks one
who would cry to me.
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Zrno Mudrosti

Nisi ti sa mnom sto sam lep
pusti da verujem u to
da ti se nesto na mom licu
na stoti pogled dopalo
platicu samo zaplaci
da nocas poverujem ja
da ovom zemljom hoda jedna
koja bi za mnom plakala


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Fine touch     giugno 27th, 2011

*mistake- not wait ti-but wait it*

MayGoLoco     giugno 27th, 2011

If you want to correct that mistake, there's a tab called [edit] located underneath the title.

MayGoLoco     giugno 27th, 2011

Try not to translate too literal and mind your grammar.
informe=inform, tretting=threatening, leeds=leads, lend=land...

Fine touch     giugno 28th, 2011

Thank you for being so polite and helped me to correct my mistakes..