Ease off [ Etamny (اطمني) ]


Etamny (اطمني)

جنبك حبيبتى مهما تعبتنى الظروف
هشيلك جوه عينى معايا تنسى اى خوف
ومن الساعه دى يا عمرى الى تؤمرية
فى ثوانى هتلاقية
و وعد منى تنسى الايام الجارحه
ولا هسمح يوم اشوف فى عنيك غير
دموع فرحه
وجودى لو مش حميكى
يبقى ماستهلش اعيش
يا حبيبتى متخفيش
و اوعى جنبى فى يوم تخافى
وارمى حملك فوق كتافى
حتى لو هيهدنى اطمنى
طول ما انتى موجودة قصادى
مهما اشوف من الدنيا عادى
برضو مش هيهزنى اطمنى
شوفتك عرفت بجد معنى الدنيا ايه
غريب من يومها وانتى
كل حلم بتبقى فيه
ومن النهارده هتبقى عمرى ودنيتى
وحبيتبى وصحبتى
حبيبتى اليوم ده فعلا فارق فى حياتى
ومن حبى فيه هعتبره ده يوم ميلادى
انا مش مصدق عينى انى وصلت ليكى
ربنا يخليكى ربنا يخليكى
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Ease off

By your side darling, no matter how much conditions get me tired
I'll carry you in my eyes. With me you forget any fear
And from this hour, my love, whatever you order
In seconds you'll find it
And a promise from me you'll forget the hurtful days
And I won't let a day seeing in your eyes but
the tears of joy
My being, if it didn't protect you
then I don't deserve to live
My love don't be afraid
And don't you a day, when you're next to me, be afraid
And throw your weights on my shoulders
Even if it would destroy me, ease off*
As long as you are in front of me*
Whatever I see from life, It's OK
It, too, won't shake me, ease off*
Seeing you, I knew what the meaning of life is
It's weird since that day and you
in each dream you stay inside it
And from today you'll be my years, my life
my love, and my friend
My love today is really distinct in my life
And from my love to this day, I'll consider it my birthday
I don't believe my eyes that I reached you
May the lord preserve you, May the lord preserve you*
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Hello, guys! I am sorry if I made a couple of mistakes here and there. It's just hard to translate the Egyptian dialect without losing the flavor of the song.

I typed a star after each phrase that I think I got it wrong, so you might focus on those when checking the translation. Thanks!

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