Give (Daruieste)



Doamne, daruieste noua liniste
Pentru a ne impaca cu ceea ce nu se poate schimba,
Da-ne noua vointa pentru a schimba ceea ce se poate
Si intelepciune pentru a deosebi una de alta.
Din ce in ce, raman oameni mai putini care ar putea
Sa se bucure cu-adevarat de bucuria altora,
Dar daca o ei altfel, iti pare ca mereu
Sa descoperi lucruri bune e usor, dar sa le faci e greu
Intinzi o mana spre o alta mana punand ceva
Sigur te-asiguri daca se uita cineva ori ba
Spunandu-ti numele mandru in gand spre Cel De Sus
In timp ce iti doresti cu mult mai mult decat ai pus,
Daruieste, spun oamenii batrani
Ce au mai multe zeci de ani, decat degete la maini
Si ei au primit in dar aripi cu care
Din pacate-asa si nimeni nu i-a invatat sa zboare
Alergi o viata pentru o face-o casa doar a ta,
Ca pana la urma nici sa mai apuci sa stai in ea.
Privind la toate ca la un vis pur omenesc
La care noi visam, iar la altii se-mplinesc
Avem nevoie de liniste pentru a ne impaca
Cu lucrurile care nu suntem in stare sa le mai schimbam
Iar pentru acelea care pot fi schimbate, tu da-ne vointa
Si intelepciune de-a face intre ele o diferenta!
Iubeste-ti aproapele- am invatat demult
Bate si ti se va deschide- ne suna cunoscut
Ne ingoram neamul, nu ne respectam fratii
Noi pe noi nu ne-ntelegem, dar vrem sa ne-nteleaga altii
Parca si luna are mai multe luni decat sambete
Si soarele parca nu mai are acelea-si zambete
Ori poate si-un bine daca-l faci trebuie facut bine
Din suflet, fara motiv si sa nu te vada nimeni
E plina lumea de lume, dar nu si de oameni
Vezi, deja nu mai creste, ceea ce semeni
Ai vrea, sa faci, si tu, parte din gemeni
Dar practic nu gasesti cu cine-ai vrea sa semeni
Traim vremelnic prin ceea ce din jur primim
Dar vom trai vesnic doar prin ceea ce daruim
Si-ar trebui sa ne grabim, caci viata-i cu imprumut
Ca cat mai mult putin ramane, cu atat putin e tot mai mult!
Toegevoed door Katina op Do, 10/01/2008 - 22:00
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Engels vertaling


God, give us the new tranquillity
For being able to agree with the things that cannot be changed
Give us the new will for being able to change the things that can be changed
And wisdom for distinguishing one thing from the other.
More and more, there are few people left, which could
Be truely happy for other people’s happiness
But, if you take it the other way, it seems that
Discovering good things, is always easy, but doing them, is hard.
You offer a hand to other, giving something
You are deffinitely looking is somebody is watching or not
Telling proudly your name, in his mind, to God
While you are longing for much more, then you gave.
Give, say old men
Who have various decades of years, than fingers
They, too, received as a gift, wings with whom, unfortunatelly
Nobody tought them to fly.
You run for a lifetime, in order to make a home only yours
So that, at the end, you don’t even get to live in it.
Looking at everything, as if it was a purely human dream
We dream about and to others, they (the dreams) come true
We need tranquillity, for being able to agree
With the things that we are not able to change anymore
And for the ones that can be changed, You give us the will
And wisdom in order to distinguish between them.
Love the person next to you – did we learn a long time ago
Knock and the door shall open for you – sounds familiar to us
We ignore our people, we disrespect our siblings
We don’t understand ourselves, but we do want others to understand us.
It seems that even the months have more Mondays than Saturdays
And the sun seems not to have the old smiles
Or maybe even doing something good to somebody must be well done
From the heart, without a reason and so that nobody sees you.
The world is full of mankind, but not of human beings
See, what you sow, doesn’t grow anymore
You would also like to be a part from the twins
But, practically you don’t find somebody with whom you would like to sow.
We live transitory through what we receive from our around
But we’ll live forever only through what we give
And we should hurry, because life is borrowed
The more, the less it remains, the less is even more.
Toegevoed door Layla op Do, 10/01/2008 - 22:00