مرة مرة مرة
شفتك آني مرة
الناس كلها تقول
رقة و جمال و طول
حير الناس بأمرة
مرة مرة مرة
اها اها اها
جاني تشيل الاشواك
يدق الساق بالساق
بحر الحب يا عشاق
مين يقدر يعبره
مرة مرة مرة
اها اها اها
حسر ليش قلبي
لَمن صار قربي
قلتله نا يا قلبي
تبلك بعد حسره
مرة مرة مرة
اها اها اها
من شاف هال حسن قال
جميل و مضرب امثال
وحدك باقي بالبال
كلها تروح بره
مرة مرة مرة
اها اها اها

Submitted by Zahra2008 on Vrij, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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Engels vertaling


once, once, once (to mean that once, somthing happened..)

I saw you once

all the people say

gentleness, beauty and height (compliments)

He's confused people with his self/with what he is like


just a sound.. Doesn't relly have a meaning as such

he came bearing thorns

he knocks calf with calf (his legs)

the sea of love oh lovers

who can cross it?


my heart lamented why

when it became near

i said "na" oh my heart

it wants after its lamented


who ever saw this goodness and beauty

beautiful and worthy that sayings of wisdom are said about it

you, and only you, stay in my mind

it all goes outside


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