I Wish To Speak (Nefsy Atklm)


Nefsy Atklm

Nefsy Atklm Tany Ma3ak..Nefsy 3ayony Tekon Shayfak Yale Ba3det 3alya Kter
Erga3 Laya Lw Wa7shak
O Ana Leek Wala 3omry Hakon 3'er Leek.. Lw 3'alya 7abebe 3alek .. Me7taga Akon Wayak
Ana Leek.. 5ayfa El-Bo3d Ya2seek.. 5ayfa El-Wa2t Yanseek..rg3ly Ana 3ayzak
El-7ayah Mab2etsh 7ayah.. El-3omr 5alas Ana Mesh 3ayshah
Ana Ayamy Mabet3desh.. Ana A7zany Mabetsbnesh.. Away Te3bt.. 5alas Maleet.. Ana Mosh 2adra 7abebe A3esh
Submitted by rk269 on Woe, 31/12/2008 - 09:27
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I Wish To Speak

I wish to speak to you again, I wish my eyes can see you again, the one who has gone so far away
Come back to me if you miss me
I am yours and I will only be yours.. If I am precious to you.. I need to be near you
I am yours.. I am afraid the distance will make you harsh.. afraid time will make you forget.. come back to me I want you
Life is no longer life.. Life is no longer worth living
My days don't count.. My sadness won't leave me.. I am so tired.. that's it I've had enough.. Baby, I can't live
Submitted by Daydream on Vrij, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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