The Lord's Prayer


Baba Yetu


Baba Yetu Yetu Uliye
Mbinguni Yetu Yetu Amina
Baba Yetu Yetu Uliye
Fu Jina Lako Litukuzwe
Utupe Leo Chakula Chetu
Tunachohitaji Utusamehe
Makosa Yetu Hey
Kama Nasi Tunavyowasamehe
Waliotukosea Usitutie
Katika Majaribu Lakini
Utuokoe Na Yule Muovu E Milele
Ufalme Wako Ufike Utakalo
Lifanyike Duniani Kama Mbinguni (Amina)

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The Lord's Prayer

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Our Father Jesus Who Art In Heaven Amen
Our Father Jesus Hallowed Be Thy Name
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Forgive Us Of Our Trespasses
As We Forgive Others Who Trespass Against Us
Lead Us Not Into Temptation
But Deliver Us From The Evil One Forever
Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done
On Earth As It Is In Heaven (Amen)

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Please help to translate "Baba Yetu"
GebruikerPosted ago
Berliner252 jaar 16 weken
Berliner25     november 3rd, 2012

1. Since you have copied this translation from another site, you must provide the URL in the author's comment section.
2. You have chosen a very poor translation with numerous errors.
3. First of all, Jesus (Yesu) is not mentioned in the lyrics. Yetu is the possessive pronoun "our."
4. The first four lines go something like this:
"Our, our Father who is / our, our heaven. Amen! /
Our, our Father who is / Holy be your name...." etc.

ivank23     november 3rd, 2012

Point 2.2 of the FAQ section: