Green Leaf of Pasque Flower (Foaie verde dedițel)

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Green Leaf of Pasque Flower

Green leaf of Pasque flower, hey,
God, turn me into a pigeon, hey,
To sit on my dearest's shoulder, o-oh,
And to peck her earring, hey.
To peck her earring, hey,
And to talk to her about love, hey,
To talk to her and let her speak to me, o-oh,
So that she comforts me*
My dearest, with your flowery hair, hey,
Your mouth is just for celebrations, hey,
Your eyebrow seems drawn with a quill pen, hey, o-oh,
Don't just let me fade away, hey.
Because love is not a fortune, o-oh,
It's just tears and sorrow.
* literally to chill my heart
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Foaie verde dedițel

Foaie verde-un dedițel, mă,
Fă-mă, Doamne,-un porumbel, mă,
La puica pe umerel, mă, o-of,
Să mi-o ciugul de cercel, mă.
De cercel s-o ciugulesc, mă,
De dragoste să-i vorbesc, mă,
Să-i vorbesc și să-mi vorbească, o-of,


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