You Can Take Everything


Mozes Da Mi Uzmes Sve

Ne pola, vec celo
srce je i telo
samo tebe volelo

Mada nisi smeo
deo si po deo
ti od mene odneo

Mozes da mi uzmes sve
ali jedno ne mozes
istinu da volim te
opet da se rodim ja
za tebe bih zivela
i za tebe umrla

Od ponoc do podne
zedna pored vode
sa tobom sam bila ja

Drugi da mi daju
ceo svet na dlanu
ja bih s tobom ostala

Submitted by MayGoLoco on Woe, 25/02/2009 - 20:59
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You Can Take Everything

Not half, but whole
Heart and body
Only loved you

Although you weren't allowed
Part by part
You took (everything) from me

You can take everything
But only one thing not
The truth, that I love you
If I were born again
I'd live for you
And die for you

From midnight till the afternoon
Thirsty next to the water
I would be with you

If others woulf give me
The whole world on their palm
I would stay with you

Submitted by MayGoLoco on Woe, 25/02/2009 - 20:59
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