Taka Takata (the torero's wife) [ Taka Takata  ]

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Taka Takata (the torero's wife)

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(chorus : )
Taka Takata...
I hear my heart racing
Taka Takata...
to the beat of her steps.
The sangria flowed
at the Toledo feria.
This girl who danced
had gone to my head.
Then a bandillero
said "Friend,
keep your cool,
beware of the torero
if you only glance at his wife!"
But she comes toward me
and drops her rose
with a note inviting me to
a rendez-vous at the acienda
We had embraced under the orange tree
but the dueña - it was her job after all -
was yelling blue murder.
The cuckolded matador
springs forth from the shadows.
As for me, in my orange tree,
I try to blend in.
"Man, you will pay"
says he, "now for the death blow
my picadores are ready
and my black eye is staring at you1"
And since that day
a torero condemns me
to sweep his courtyard
for having courted2 his wife.
  • 1. a wink to Carmen's famous song. "black eye" also means "mean stare" in French
  • 2. since "cour" is used both in "courtyard" and "to court (a lady)", the second occurence can be omitted in French to stress the pun
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A quick translation to have at least something to read.
Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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crimson_antics     augustus 26th, 2012

"But she comes by me"
--> 'towards me'?

"with a note for
a rendez-vous at the acienda"
--> 'with a note inviting me to
Je trouve que le 'for' ne rend pas vraiment l'idée de la proposition de la version originale.

"We had fallen in each other's arms under the orange tree"
--> 'We (had) embraced...'? Ce serait moins lourd

"a torero condemend me"
--> 'condemns me'. Au passé ce serait 'condemned', mais si on l'écrit comme ça on dirait qu'il l'a condamné à balayer une seule fois, alors que dans la chanson ce semble être plusieurs fois.

    augustus 26th, 2012

Je l'ai vraiment bâclée, celle-là! Le "for" je l'avais mis comme un pense-bête et j'ai oublié de revenir dessus, et le "condemn..." c'est de la frappe au kilomètre même pas relue. La honte!
Je vais essayer de corriger ça!

    augustus 26th, 2012

Tu crois que ça va, maintenant ?

crimson_antics     augustus 27th, 2012

Oui, définitivement mieux Smile