the brave girl with waving wings [ Huizhe chibang de nühai (挥着翅膀的女孩) ]

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the brave girl with waving wings

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I was a little girl
who didn't know how to love
I couldn't get any care
when the one i dream of
was not there
so many have hurt me
I needed someone to encourage me
and give me strength
someone that i could always depend
see me fly..i am proud to fly up high
I am strong enough now
and i can stand without others' help
believe me i can fly ..i am singing in the sky
nothing can stand in my way
I am ready to start again and again
now i've changed, i am no longer the same
I've finally grown up
like a seagull flying in the storm
when in troubles and difficulties
i lower my head
and struggle against the wind
and fly in the sky proudly
I am a brave girl
believing true love
now i understand how to love
at last i have found the wonder of life
let me fly i am proud to fly up high
life is so sweet
and i want to taste its glory
believe me i can fly..i am singing in the sky
you once told me
to be a brave girl
I am not alone anymore
because you are there for me...
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Huizhe chibang de nühai (挥着翅膀的女孩)



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