Ayam we Seneen


Ayam we Seneen

Ayam we sneen hawak khalas wada’taha
Mahma al girah titul bitakhod wa’taha
Min emta regiet adawar tani alli rah
min emta baket ala ay haga khesertaha

Maktoob ala albi tibaa al farha usayara
We msheet wayak regiet meet khatawa lawara
Wa hawelt adawi beek garhi el adeem
Atareek teleet mino sora zughayara.

Mush far’a andi
Matkunshi gambit
Tiba’ed tegheb
Wenti ya ayni maddama’eesh
Minghero ha’dar aa’eesh

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Inglês translation

Ayam we Seneen

Days and years of your love. Forewell to it
No matter how long is the suffering, it takes its time (to cure)
Since when, I used to search for something gone
Since when, I cried for something I lost.

It was my heart’s destiny to have little happiness
I walk with you, but I went hundreds step in reverse (I know it makes no sense to me).
I was trying to heal my old wound/(love)
But you were just a small copy of that love.

It doesn’t matter with me
Not to be by my side
To go and to disappear
I don’t care
And you my eye don’t shed the tears
I can live without him/her.

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