Your garden still blooms (Dein Garten blüht noch)

Inglês translation

Your garden still blooms

Your house has no walls anymore
You live alone in it
Who comes to you and enters (the house)
Will always be a foreigner
No tables invites to stay
No cottony bed (invites) to rest
In your empty room
The only guest is the wind
You can’t escape its spell
You listen to it silently
Secret voices fill it
And only you understand them
Then your look rambles to the garden outside
Which you left to early
As if you anticipated that it would
Still bloom for you outside the house
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Dein Garten blüht noch

Dein Haus hat keine Mauern mehr,
Du lebst darin allein.
Wer zu dir geht und eintritt, der
Wird stets ein Fremder sein.