Dieser Weg

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Dieser Weg

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So I went along this street and the street lead to me
The song you sang on the last evening is playing in my mind now
Some more paces and then I was there with the key to this door
This way will be no easy one, this way will be stony and hard
You won't agree with many, but this life has so much more to give
It was just a small moment, just a moment I haven't been there
Afterwards I went a small step and it became clear to me
Some kick you, some love you, some surrender themselves for you
Some bless you, don't set your sail, when the wind flares up the sea
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Dieser Weg

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Sciera3 anos 30 semanas
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cyclesoccerbrasil     março 13th, 2013

nice translation. nice song

Sciera     agosto 29th, 2013

Almost perfect, just one thing isn't quite right:
"just for one moment I haven't been there" - this half of the line is a sentence of its own. The way you translated it it might be understood as being connected to "It was...".

magicmulder     março 4th, 2016

I'd prefer "path" over "way" here.

I think this is the first song I've ever heard "aufbrausen" used in the original meaning (instead of the figurative "to get angry").