My Love for You [ Hobak Leya (حبك ليا)  ]

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My Love for You

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Your love for me is precious to me
I feel it in my heart and see it in my eyes
Your love for me reassures me
And makes me live the sweetest years
I have never feared in your embrace
I will never love after you
And everything that is left in my life oh my life
I will live it with you with you my darling
I totally believed my feelings with you
It filled my eyes for everyone (to see?)
My darling I am at ease with you and for you
I wish for no injuries in your love
It was destined for me to fall in love and adore your nights
And I will never desist from the love of your eyes
My bewildered heart awaits you so much
Ah oh sea of compassion I need to see you again
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Hobak Leya (حبك ليا)

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