Once upon a time [ Itane mia fora (Ήτανε μια φορά) ]

Inglês translation

Once upon a time

once upon a time, my dear, there was
a beautiful lady
a blond girl married too young
that waited for her husband day and night
and one Suterday night or it was Sunday
she begged from the sun and from the moon
"sun, light his way, moon
go and talk to him for me
He sails around on the seas
He fights the pirates and beats them
Under the sun, under the moon, under the rain
and he leaves me all alone and lonely"
"Galley bore to windward, despite the strong wind
It started a bloody fight
with a pirate ship
I saw fire and murders..."
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Itane mia fora (Ήτανε μια φορά)

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