Good bye my love [ Khodahafez azizam (خداحافظ عزیزم) ]

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Good bye my love

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One day you left me, left me alone,
I cannot believe you’re not with me
What did I do that made you leave me?
I knew you didn’t want to be with me
Once again you left me,
trampled my heart,
broke your promise,
and turned down my love
That’s alright, I don’t mind,
I’d rather be alone,
I don’t want you to be
a part of me
Don’t come back to me,
your regrets mean nothing anymore,
my heart doesn’t want to
remember your name anymore
Leave me alone,
may God be with you,
I don’t want you to come back,
your words have broken my heart
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Khodahafez azizam (خداحافظ عزیزم)

یه روزی رفتی از پیشم
تنها بمونم
نمیشه باورم نباشی
مگه چی کردم که منو


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