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I'll do anything not to lose you
You're irresitible and you know it
Without stepping over the rest I'll be
For you...a reason more

You'll be wicked and sweet the way I want you to
I'll be the vitamin that will make you stronger
the inconvenient is typical for you age
and I am there...and I'll dedicate myself...

I'll do, I'll do the impossible
that for you becomes possible
I'll be unpredictible...
I'll kiss your tired legs and you'll fall asleep

And when you'll be jealous
I'll help you because...I am jealous too...you know
Think of my hands often all over you
And think about the place I'll take you to again!

I'll do the impossible
learning to give some time to your time
I'll be incorruptible
Respecting this life that I live with you...

things I've never experienced
things that with you come to me this way
things you've never asked for
things that you feel only once...and I've chose you

I'll do the impossible
That for you becomes possible
I'll be incorruptible
Respecting this life I'm living with you

I'll do the impossibe
to protect this life that I live with you, with you, with you...

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