La bomba (La Bomba)

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La bomba

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this is a drink which is changing ur life
one drop of nothing that drives u crazy
crazy cheerful
water of smile with the drops of rose
and a tasty olive
when its hot its a pomp
move your body mami that it drives me crazy
u are drunk of the pomp
pleasent thing, drunk thing,go up, that the pomp lasts
bum bum make a half-turn(rightabout faceturn)
bum bum another turn more
bum bum and in every corner give me more girl
that vivid(lively) night
intensively vivid
its hanging u up
inoffensive pure enamoured
look pretty girl, clothes blow off
follow dancing with a moon
tomcat moon that is a pomp
move your body mami
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La Bomba

Es una bebida Que va cambiando tu vida
Una gotita de nada Te vuelve loca
Loca divertida
Agua de risa Con unas gotas de rosa


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