A Drunkard Is Not For You (Nije za tebe bekrija)

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A Drunkard Is Not For You

Your kiss is responsable for I'm not sleeping
Your hands are my torment when they do not hug me
Whe you're close I feel crysis
Hands are shaking like at first dance
Your father is guilty that i wander
I come at your window and sing
not money, nor ducats, but the golden heart
and a song I'm giving when i'm buying love
Hey, the drunkard is not for you
Your youth will be ruined with me
Hey, a drunkard is not for you
but nobody will love you like I do
Submetido por Adrienne em Terça-feira, 27/01/2009 - 21:45
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Nije za tebe bekrija

Tvoj poljubac je krivac sto ne spavam
Tvoje ruke su mi muke kad me ne grle
Kad si blizu ja osecam krizu
Ruke se tresu k'o na prvom plesu


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