I confess (Omologo | Ομολογώ)

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I confess

I confess,that I didn't expect ever to come back
It's been a long time since we live separated
I confess,I didn't expect that I'll ever change
To forget my hard selfishness
I cofess,that I've told U "I'll never come back"
But the mind couldn't fordet ever for a moment
I confess,that I've said that now I'll live alone
But all ways are leading to destroytion
I need to touch U,to love U,to take care of U
I need to kiss U,to trust U,to speak to U
I need to live for U,to be desprately crazy about U
I confess,I confess
I confess some evenings I belived whitout heart
that I'll manage and I'll live alone again
But what I thought and said I've already thrown away
I confess,that I still love U
I confess,I have assured myself that I'll stand
But after all our break up was a big mistake
And if I have hurted U whit my actions
I confess U are the reason for me to live.
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Omologo | Ομολογώ

T' ομολογώ πως δε περίμενα ποτέ πίσω να έρθω
Πάει πολύς καιρός που ζούμε χωριστά εμείς οι δυο
Ομολογώ πως δε περίμενα ποτέ εγώ ν' αλλάξω
Να ξεχάσω το σκληρό μου εγωισμό
Ομολογώ πως είχα πει σ' εσένα 'γω δε θα γυρίσω
Μα δε μπορούσε ούτε στιγμή να σε ξεχάσει το μυαλό
Ομολογώ ότι είχα πει πως τώρα πια μόνος θα ζήσω


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