a part from Europe [ Parche od Evropa (Парче од Европа) ]

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a part from Europe

I'm searching for the brightest star for a long time
it (the star) is only missing,
to light up a beam
I'm sending a message
all from the heart
to guide us where we belong
we are part of Europe
dont run away from truth!
wide us warm embrace
hollow out a cover from heart
Strong fire is burning, enkindles a wish
God's voice is rumbling
we are all the same
give us life
without borders
come on, open new pages
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Parche od Evropa (Парче од Европа)

Долго време барам ѕвезда најсветла,
само таа фали,
сјај да запали
Порака праќам,
сe од срце,
да не води кај што припаѓаме.


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