Together once more [ Akoma Mia Fora Mazi (Ακόμα Μια Φορά Μαζί) ]

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Together once more

You have come back with tears in your eyes
with broken dreams
I think you have come back to me and are asking for forgiveness
I still have some for you
Together once more
Our love lives inside us
You leave and I leave for as long as we live
but when we break up we are in pain
Together once more
like the light and lightning
as this earth is spinning
we are coming back together
We do not fit in different arms
Kiss me tonight and we'll begin again
You have come back with you head low
and a void in your heart
you have come back to me and I am not looking to blame anyone
I can't live so many months away from you
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Akoma Mia Fora Mazi (Ακόμα Μια Φορά Μαζί)

Γύρισες με μια βροχή στα μάτια
με όνειρα κομμάτια
θαρρώ κοντά μου γύρισες και μου ζητάς συγνώμη
για σένα μια ακόμη κρατώ
Ακόμα μια φορά μαζί
μέσα μας η αγάπη ζει
φεύγεις και φεύγω μια ζωή


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