Different [ Alliotiko (Αλλιώτικο) ]

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You switch off the reading lamp,
your legs a mountain,
a dark landscape
and the whole earth a bed
Outside the summertime
you’re sleeping like a baby
and how can I even close one eye
Tonight your body
is different
and it always will be;
tonight my dream
is different
and it always will be.
A thousand and one nights
in the condominium
and through the glass front
a new moon
The sheet a sea
and you swimming naked,
your breath warm
and how can I even close one eye
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Alliotiko (Αλλιώτικο)

lyrics-music: Nikos Portokaloglou
Σβήνεις το πορτατίφ
τα πόδια σου βουνό.
Τοπίο σκοτεινό
κι όλη η γη κρεβάτι.
Έξω το αεράκι


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