Andrew (Andrija)

Inglês translation


Andrew has brought the day to you
when the golden sun has kissed the sky
she brought us the hand of an angel
she gave us the light of the Garden of Eden
In this moment with joy and pain
I knew like I know now
that I will love you for eternity
and I will never stop
Andrew, good Andrew,
you are my light, you are my brightest star
little Andrew, you are my song
the tear from my eye, dear Angel
And when I am not here
don't be afraid 'cause far up high between the stars
I will keep track of every single one of your footsteps
and I will protect you, my son
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Tebe, Andrija, donio je dan
kad je zlatno sunce nebo ljubilo
donijela te nam ruka andjela
svjetlost rajskog vrta nam podarila


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