Disintegrate (Auflösen)

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When you come at night
And everything around becomes silent
And you're only breath for me anymore
I know that nothing can happen to us
At this moment
I have nothing to ask
I have nothing to be
When I got lost in you
As if nothing of me was left over
That's what I feel like
When we disintegrate now
We are more than we've ever been
This way we want stay true to each other
After this day
When you stay during the day
And promise nothing to me
I loose my heart inside of you
And everything can happen
At this moment
Give me all the name
Give me all the time
As long as we exist, we never come back
From the moment to eternity
It's just a small step
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Wenn du zur Nacht kommst
Und alles um uns still wird
Und du nur noch Atem für mich bist
Weiss ich, dass uns nichts passieren kann
In diesem Moment
Ich habe nichts zu fragen
Ich habe nichts zu sein


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