Ball on my street (Bal dans ma rue)

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Ball on my street

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Tonight, there's a ball on my street
Never before had there been
Such joy, such a crowd/rush
There's a ball on my street
And in the little bistro
Where joy is flowing
Seven musicians stuck on a trestle
Play for the lovers
That come here in pairs
The laughter's on their lips, eyes to eyes
Tonight there's a ball on my street
Everyone feels a little excited
Maybe a little drank too
There's a ball on my street....
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Bal dans ma rue

Ce soir, il y a bal dans ma rue.
Jamais encore, on n'avait vu
Une telle gaieté, une telle cohue.
Il y a bal dans ma rue
Et, dans le p'tit bistrot
Où la joie coule à flots,
Sept musiciens perchés sur un tréteau
Jouent pour les amoureux


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