It was spring (Bilo je prolece)

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It was spring

It was spring
and as it always happens
every smile gets golden from sun
It was spring when I felt
you would become my love
My soul will always remain full of desire for you
first tear of days when I was girl
If it weren't my friends I'd die tonight
but inside the soul I'm still alone
It was spring as it will never be again
because the first time happens only once
It was spring
when I met sadness as well
after I saw how you're kissing her
There will be more springs and some other people
because of love they will shed a tear
There will be still spring, but I'll be gone
from where you will be
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Bilo je prolece

Bilo je prolece
i to sto uvek biva
svaki se osmeh suncem pozlati
bilo je prolece kada sam osetila
ti ces mi ljubav postati
Ostace mi dusa uvek zeljna tebe


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