Be my boyfriend (Budi dečko moj)

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Be my boyfriend

I need your smile,
I need (to hold) your hand,
Be my boyfriend,
and I'll be you your girlfriend.
So that you can chaperone me to dances
to come with me to meetings.
So that I can follow you on your way into the army,
as the autumn rains fall.
Ref. 2x
For you to write to me, for me to write to you,
tender, long letters.
So that you can tell all your friends
how your girlfriend exhausts your sorrow.*
(Be my boyfriend.)
I don't want anybody else,
my soul does not want that.
Be my boyfriend,
and I'll be your girlfriend.
So that you can be my dream and reality,
when the sun shines down on me.
So that your eyes can watch me,
and I can have something of my own.
Ref. 2x
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*exhausts all your sorrow - there is no room for his sadness with her around.


Budi dečko moj

Treba mi osmeh tvoj
treba mi ruka tvoja
budi decko moj
ja devojka tvoja


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