It is life (C'est La Vie)

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It is life

If you love but he does not
Cheer up with time it goes
If you try, but you dont manage
Do not get crazy, it happens to everyone
In love if they have been hurting you
It's not the end of the world, they are many others
You give but no one has been giving you
This film, I know it by heart
It is life, but do not keep evil
Life is a try
It is life dont fall again now
Together we ll go through this
It's life
If you are the victim in this relationship
Think to your next step
And if you feel that your patience is over
I dont disagree and I am with you
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C'est La Vie

Αν αγαπάς μα δε σ΄αγαπάει
μη χολοσκάς με τον καιρό περνάει
Κι αν προσπαθείς μα δε σου πετυχαίνει
μη τρελαθείς σε όλους μας συμβαίνει
Στον έρωτα αν σ΄έχουνε πληγώσει
ε και λοιπόν υπάρχουν άλλο τόσοι
Δίνει μας κανείς δε σου΄χει δώσει