Often I wish (Cesto pozelim)

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Often I wish

Often, often, often I wish
that I leave and forget everything
and go somewhere far away
that I don't think about what I'm doing
and that I don't look at you
I often wish to settle down
somewhere there at Jamaica
that I forget everything and to relax
and that I lay and watch the hawaiian girls
and when you come for me
you'll hear that
You visit me for nothing
You try for nothing
For nothing darling
I don't remember anything
If I could award myself
with one single holiday
on nice islands
I would know how to relax
and not to think about you
If I leave you would jump
But I would never leave alone
I would take some friends with me
Who sing "bbb,bam i don't want to know anything
And when you come for me
You'll hear that
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Cesto pozelim

Cesto, cesto, cesto pozelim
Da sve to napustim i sve zaboravim
I da odem negdje daleko
Da nista ne mislim i nista ne radim


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