Oh sword, planted deep inside! [ Chakrulo (Tchakrulo) ]

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Oh sword, planted deep inside!

Oh sword, forged in Khevuresti,
A Tushetian painted you in Telavi,
King Irakli consecrated you,
He drew upon you a cross for war.
Oh enemy come oppress me, I cry not,
For crying is the way of women,
I've been in this state many times,
But I have not groaned,
Hang on, let me sharpen
My sword-pistol, the steel that sparks the fire,
Let me use you to cleanly spark
That which you have sown for me.
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Lots of spelling mistakes in the Georgian text.

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Chakrulo (Tchakrulo)

ხიდისთავს შევკრათ პირობა,
ჩვენ გავხდეთ ღვიძლი ძმანია,
ჩავუხტეთ მუხრან ბატონსა,
თავს დავანგრიოთ ბანია.
მუხრან ბატონის ყმობითა,
ფქვილი ვერ დავდგი გოდრითა,
დეკეული ვერ გავზარდე,
კალო ვერ ვლეწე მოზვრითა


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fulicasenia     setembro 9th, 2013

ჩაკრულო isn't in any of the Georgian dictionaries I could find. "Put-out sword" just isn't English. It conjures up the image of a sword that was on fire but now someone has put out the fire, or of a sword that's been put out on the stoop like an empty milk bottle, for the blacksmith's boy to pick up on his morning rounds. I could imagine it could be "quenched sword" if the blacksmith has just plunged it into cold oil to harden it after forging it, or "drawn sword" if someone has just drawn it out of its scabbard, or "extended sword" if someone has just put it in position pointing straight out from the body towards its intended target.

nik.datuashvili.1     setembro 9th, 2013

The intention was "extinguished sword", though that first word didn't come to me as I wrote the title.

Anyways, that's not what it's supposed to mean. I misread the word ჩაკრულო. It literally means "planted within", with ambiguity as to what exactly it's inside of.

Calusarul     outubro 3rd, 2013

nik.datuashvili.1 ,can you help correcting those mistakes in the Georhian text ?

fulicasenia     setembro 10th, 2013

Hmmm, I kind of like that... the sword that's planted within the heart of every patriotic Georgian, to lend them strength and courage, or something, I guess... Since I'm a pacifist, I prefer metaphorical swords to real ones Wink