Unanswered love / Convince to a relationship - Love songs

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This regroups all the songs where the singer wishes without arguing a love but don't get any response

Convince to a Relationship:
This regroup all the songs where the singer is arguing allone to someone else in order to share a love story
without him becoming any answer

She has been waiting, and hiding all her life to find the right man,
to save her, now she has found him and tries to convince him
to be her boyfriend and to deliver her

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He 's finally telling to the girl he loves the true and deep passion
inside him, waiting for her indefinitely until she changes her
mind and say the word that will unite them, until them he will be waiting

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He loves a really beautiful girl, but never found the courage of telling
her. She never even knew he existed, but he still hopes to find
this courage and go talk to her

It seems he is deeply in love with a girl, which doesn't know yet she
is in love with him. He tries to convince her and asks her to look
in his eyes, to search in her heart, where he hid himself. he says
his love would be endless, he would do anything for her, as he
already do everything in relation to her

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Música | Inglês SAARA

They are bestfriends, and she loves him for a long time but has never
found the courage to tell him, she wanted him more than superpowers,
now they have grown up, but this time she won't let go

Traduções:  Francês Português Húngaro

He really likes a girl, watching her but doesn't have the courage to tell her,
he is like paralyzed, and has to flee each time she comes around

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Música | Inglês The Cure

The singer seems to be blocked in the friendzone, he would really like
to go further, but does not succeed in going a step further.
He becomes tired of this act he plays, although he is still in love, he realizes
this might already been too late for him

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