Like the waves of the sea (Come le onde del mare)

Inglês translation

Like the waves of the sea

Yet some of our evenings have a colour
you couldn’t express
suspended between the blue and rich purple
that vibrate in a rhythm so slow, so slow
and we, who are expecting them
we know they are imprisoned
like the waves of the sea
like the stars of the sea
they move and enchant us, those hours
of some our evenings
and they taste like departures and sunsets
and like flying over so slow, so slow
yet we, who know they are imprisoned
we can’t set them free
like the waves from the sea
like the stars from the sea
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Come le onde del mare

Ma certe nostre sere hanno un colore
che non sapresti dire
sospese fra l'azzurro e l'amaranto
e vibrano di un ritmo lento, lento


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