A day of my life (Dan od zivota)

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A day of my life

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Don't ask me what's wrong, I know what it is
when I hear this song I start to dance
the blood within me starts to burn, everything burns
and without a drink my heart gets intoxicated
I'll cry when my
youth and beauty fade
but until then I won't allow
pain to ruin a day of my life
Please don't ask me what happened to me
something inside me woke up
only this song knows how to hit my mark
I'm breaking glasses like I'm drunk
Never ask me, please don't
why they're playing this song again
this song drives the pain from my heart
it intoxicates me more than alcohol
Submetido por MayGoLoco em Sábado, 18/02/2012 - 21:22

Dan od zivota

Ne pitaj me sta mi je, ja to znam
kada cujem ovu pesmu zaigram
zapali se krv u meni, gori sve
i bez pica srce mi se opije
Zaplakacu kad mi prodje
mladost i lepota