It's time (Det är tid)

Inglês translation

It's time

They've been lying to impudently to you
Such lies they've been spreading out to the winds, my friend
And not only the enemy but also your friends
Truth is hidden to us, friends
In the wind and in the night of the forest and the twilight-gray ocean waves
And the ones who lie give you false promises
But frineds also cradle you to sleep with their false dreams
Where will your proud light dreams take you?
Where will you go with your beautiful proud dream?
It's time to stop the footsteps
It's time to sing songs
It's time to cry and time to suffer
It's time now, time to see
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Det är tid

Vad man har ljugit fräckt för dig
Vilka lögner man har spridit ut för vindarna, kamrat
Och inte bara fienden men också dina vänner
Sanningen är dold för oss, kamrater