Goodnight, messrs (Dobranoc, panowie)

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Goodnight, messrs

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Shadows are already wandering among brambles
Legends look from under featherbeds
It's already night, night, night
You can close your daily puppet show
Nobody looks at you, no
It's already night, night, night
Goodnight messrs, goodnight
Wedding rings for luck, don't let the bad bugs bite*
Goodnight messrs, goodnight
Let this night will be good for you!
Put your toy soldiers to the box
Don't tug your collar, calm down
It's already night, night, night
Put your helicopter in the garage
Don't wrap a health hand in the bandage
It's already night, night, night
The photo from your childhood
And these women who kissed you
These stories, when you could be Hamlet
And this only one woman!
Goodnight messrs, goodnight...
Pretending will start tomorrow
And now, let's sail by boats
Into this night, night, night
Tomorrow you will impress me again
I will be your lioness and hot lover
But tonight is night
Goodnight messrs, goodnight...
Women of your life are going to sleep
No need to love them, but...
No need, no need to love them at all, but... but...
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*Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bad bugs bite


Dobranoc, panowie

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