Kristina Bach - Du Warst Doch Mal Mein Mann ( Tradução para Inglês)

Tradução para Inglês

Once You Were My Husband

Once you were my husband (like ... Wasn't you once my husband)
It stabs me (like stabbing with a knife, hurting someone)
So distant you behave (or act)
As if we were strangers (like ... it hurts to see you acting like a stranger, distant and cold)
We were young and inexperienced
both wanted for live ( like ... 'til the end of our lives)
but somewhen our star burnt out
('lebenslang' is usually used as a juducial expression describing 'sentenced for lifetime in jail' for murder or something like that)
Why don't you look at me
Once this was our star that started to burn
and unfortunately went down
Hey you were once my husband
And it feels strange
The great love is past
The way is parted (like two people going separate ways from now on)
You were once my husband
thirteen years long
we lost the longing
somewhen (aha)
you, we dreamed arm in arm
almost thirteen years long
and today I say
it was a fine (or good) time
A woman walks next to you
your (next) love right after me
It would be fine ...
... if we could stay (or be) friends
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Du Warst Doch Mal Mein Mann

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Berliner25    Sábado, 18/02/2012 - 01:00

This translation is very confusing. First of all, please do not put your comments in the translation. There is an "author's comment" section where you can offer clarifications/explanations if necessary. Also, do not retranslate the title in the lyrics sections. I hope you will correct these items.

"somewhen" is not a word. It is not a proper translation of irgendwann.

Petrelli    Sábado, 18/02/2012 - 12:33

"both wanted for live" makes no sense--did it come straight from the google translator?

Do you think English speakers are so dumb that you have to explain every line?