Músicas de Eleni Vitali

    outubro 23rd, 2009

Hi there,

Eleni Vitali sings a duet with Yasmin Levy on Yasmin's latest CD entitled 'Sentir.' It is the 10th song on the album and is called 'Porque?" I think Yasmin is singing in either Ladino or Spanish, and Eleni either in Greek or French, and they both sing the last verse together in Spanish I think.

Is there anyone out there who knows and could send me the lyrics to the song, in the languages in which it is sung, though as I don't understand Greek I would need that section to be written in English, phonetically.

I would deeply appreciate your help.

Thank you, fifi lefebvre

lt     novembro 5th, 2009

Thanks to Guest, Porque lyrics were added.