Small Leaf In My Heart (En Nenjil Chinna Ilai)


En Nenjil Chinna Ilai

M: En nenjil chinna ilai
neethaan en kaadhal mazhai
unnaaley naan nanaiya vendum
F: En nenjil sinnakkodi neethaan en kaadhal sedi
un meedhu sutrikkolla vendum
M: Paarvaigal pudhu vaarthai parimaarudhey
idhayangal idam maarudhey
F: Unnaal en nimidangal azhagaanadhey
valikkooda sugamaanadhey (En nenjil)
M: Unnoadu pesikkolla vaarthaigal serththuvaiththum
ullukkul sikkiththavithen
F: Un perai mattum dhinam nenjukkul sollicholli
en perai indru marandheney
M: Manjal nilavey konjal mozhiye
vetka thimirey saaikkaadhey
F: Aasaikkanavey meesaippuyaley niththam isaiyum
neekkollaadhey…. (En nenjil)
M: Un moochukkaatru pattu pookkindra pookkalellaam
un poala vaasanaigal veesum
F: Unnoadu naan irukkum nerangal aththanaiyum
poadhaadhu endru manam yengum
M: Endhan vizhiye kannukkuzhiye
kuttikkavidhai neethaaney
F: Muththa thadamey suttiththanamey
muththachugamum nee enbeney (En nenjil)
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Small Leaf In My Heart

Small leaf in my heart
You are the rain of love for me
I must be drenched because of you
Small flag of my heart
You are the plant of love for me
I must grow around you
Looks are speaking new words
Hearts are being exchanged
Because of you the moments of my life are being made beautiful
Even pain is becoming enjoyable
Though I collect a lot of words to speak to you
On seeing you I don't know what to speak and my hearts working gets stuck
Everyday telling only your name
Now I have forgotten my own name
Oh girl who is like the yellow moon, as childish as kids speech
And shy yet bold don't charm me
Oh boy who is my favorite dream, as brave as cheetah
And beautiful as music please don't kill me with your love
All the flowers that bloom when your breath touches them
Have the same fragrance as you have
Though I spend a lot of time with you
My heart cries saying that it is not enough
You are my eyes, my eye sockets
You are a little poem
Giver of kisses, frolicsome boy
I consider you as all the joys of my life
Submetido por Shwetha em Domingo, 19/08/2012 - 08:18