This will be my answer [ Eto budet moim otvetom (Это будет моим ответом) ]

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This will be my answer

After the rain in the grass growing flowers.
Lifeless ashes left after the fire.
Storm will pass and become easier to breathe. But that's tomorrow. While the smoke in my lungs.
I am not a judge, I'm not a soldier.
Do not know how to walk on water.
I'm trying to understand,
But I did not calm among these flaming walls.
On a high hill shows thousands of stars.
In cold cave you can find a snake.
Divide the joy of someone else's - to increase yours.
And looking for enemies - certainly find.
I accept you like a mountain lake.
Reflecting highlights and shadows.
The stone fell to the bottom.
Becomes prose, leaving ripples.
And let the storm raging and becomes a red.
Dark forest reflected in water.
You'll always find me there,
Where high cliffs, where thousands of stars in the dark.
This will be my answer...
Let this be my answer...
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Some words and sentences may seem strange, since the translation is literal.


Eto budet moim otvetom (Это будет моим ответом)

После дождя в траве прорастают цветы
Безжизненный пепел останется после пожара
Гроза отшумит и станет легче дышать
Но это завтра. Пока в моих лёгких дым.


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