Could we have an Aromanian forum here?

Romanians and Romanian language speakers, tell me how well you are able to understand songs as this one: Cîntic-lu a cucuveauă-liei

Calusarul     novembro 6th, 2011

Nu avem niciun aromân printre noi? Altfel, cum să transcriu versurile cântecelor ăstora și ale încă o sută de cântece?

newEgypt     setembro 27th, 2011

Medical prefix a, from Greek: (A)romanian - Not Romanian. Laughing out loud

Yes, I had to look it up as well. I saw it a couple of times while adding lyrics and translations, but thought it must be something like Flemish or a really ancient language. A couple of Wikipedia pages later, and it indeed sounds very interesting.

Katherine0825     setembro 27th, 2011

OMG that's so odd. It's like it's Romanian...but it's not! I can get a little here and there when I listen, maybe 1/4, a bit more when I read the written words. I had to google Aromanian to find out what it was...LOL. What's interesting is that there are words that are very similar to Romanian words and some that are very different. Other words are similar in basic meaning (multu in Aromanian, foarte in Romanian, for example) but are different words.

Very interesting language!


newEgypt     setembro 25th, 2011

Sorry, editing my other post buried this one. This should bring it back up again.

I never even knew there was such a language. Very interesting!

P.S. Like your last blog post. I found those throat songs slightly disturbing though.